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At Business Interiors, our product range includes the latest technology for corporate conferencing. We are thrilled to offer Bluescape—a cloud-based, SaaS digital workspace for next level team collaboration. Bluescape can be accessed simultaneously on HD screens and devices including laptops, iPads, and smartphones. Users can share text, photos, videos, and documents in a display reminiscent of a conference room bulletin board, but Bluescape allows for the work to be saved in real time, giving teams the ability to rewind and view the progression of their project.

We not only offer Bluescape, we make great use of it here at our headquarters. Business Interiors’ Project Manager, Russ Smith, has seen first hand how convenient this technology can be for all parties. “Typically, we use our Bluescape in-house to facilitate meetings that include clients, architects, and design firms. For instance, we may have a project going on in north Mississippi, and the design firm is based here in the Jackson area, but all stakeholders need to be able to communicate off-site without time-consuming travel. What used to be an all-day travel situation can take just 30 minutes of meaningful, productive time now with Bluescape.” Smith added, “Designers love it because they can actually see floorpans and move furniture placements around live on screen.”

Companies with satellite offices can cut travel expenses tremendously by using live conferencing and collaboration with Bluescape technology. Ready to see how we can help you transform your next meeting? We are ready to schedule your private consultation. (601) 969-1000