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German-born designer Steffen Lipsky brings a global design point-of-view to Haworth’s PopUp™—height-adjustable tables in multiple finishes and edges.

Haworth’s PopUp™ community table provides a compact surface for individuals or small groups in a variety of spaces—from cafés to open office areas and private enclaves. With a range of organic shapes, widths, and heights, PopUp helps create inviting spaces that support collaborative work or socializing.

Create visual continuity—from individual workstations to collaborative spaces—with finish options that make PopUp™ blend in or contrast with your space design. PopUp™ fits into your office landscape to provide variety and choice for people at work.

PopUp™ helps people feel physically comfortable and well-supported with counter- or bar-height options to support posture changes in the workplace. A foot rail is standard for ergonomic support. Accessories such as wire management and hooks keep the table surface uncluttered.

PopUp™ is a key element to support a culture of collaboration, fostering innovation, and helping people perform their best. Optional casters enable mobility to arrange this multipurpose table according to activities and needs.

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