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“Workplaces Must Include Spaces for Work and Rest to Foster Innovation”

“Workplaces Must Include Spaces for Work and Rest to Foster Innovation”’s Ali Morris interviews Haworth furniture brand’s researchers. Studies of how the brain works show that offices can only facilitate creative thinking if they offer spaces for both focused work and restorative activities, says furniture brand Haworth.

“Offices tend to promote only one kind of work,” explained Beck Johnson, a member of Haworth’s research and innovation team.

By looking at how employee’s brains function, researchers concluded that companies’ needs to provide different spaces to suit both modes of thinking, if they want to achieve their full potential.

“They are either open and collaborated or highly segmented. It’s about finding the right balance between those two types of spaces while also providing spaces for respite.”


Five Elements for a Healthy Medical Lounge

Five Elements for a Healthy Medical Lounge

From Building Design + Construction’s  “The medical care team lounge is a place where members can nurture all the important aspects of being a professional outside of an exam room. Social connection and collaboration between members, professional development, research, and communication all happen here. Contemplation and revitalization too.”

When done right, medical staff lounges are more than just a place to get a cup of coffee—they are an essential part of the healthcare workplace.



Seeking Non-Traditional Work Settings

Seeking Non-Traditional Work Settings

Did you know that you can nurture your workers by giving them choices about where they work? Our product offerings create spaces that support people’s needs for a variety of work settings—from open, collaborative areas to quiet contemplation spots. Scalability and a vast array of configurations provide flexibility for a wide range of spaces and settings.

Designed to spark creativity and innovation, we offer lounge seating and ottomans that are easily configured to let you create a range of settings that offer people choices for individual work and contemplation, face-to-face discussions, or collaborative sessions.

Good decisions about office furnishings can actually create a culture that fosters collaboration, helping people work efficiently, perform their best, and stay engaged. We work with you to create settings that invite social interaction, casual meetings, and group work.

As society has become more mobile, people often seek out non-traditional work settings for at least part of their day. Our product offerings provide the variety and comfort people want, along with the flexibility organizations need to plan spaces now and into the future.

We can help you with flexible solutions for growth and change for cost-effective, multi-functional spaces, created to optimize the floorplan and encourage productivity for maximum efficiency. Our product offerings make it practical to specify, configure, and reconfigure as an organization grows and evolves. The design elements encompass the simplicity and versatility required to furnish a range of environments and floorplate sizes over the long-term, while the look is neutral enough to complement other furnishings and work in a multitude of settings. The variety of shapes and sizes can be used on their own or in a multitude of combinations to easily furnish an array of short-term spaces, such as open collaborative workspaces, lounge areas, and cafés. With the right amount of simplicity to blend into established environments without competing with other design elements, their versatility makes our product offerings well suited for commercial, education, hospitality, and healthcare settings.

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Designing and Furnishing the Natural Setting

Designing and Furnishing the Natural Setting

“Designing the outside environment has been an overlooked opportunity to create meaningful places that are rich in association, encourage good health and exercise, and are responsive to the magic of the changing seasons.” —Elizabeth Brawley, Healthcare Interior Designer, San Francisco.

In patient-focused healthcare settings, it is important to find cost-effective ways to promote and maintain health. The relationship between the natural setting and health is vital for both economic and health outcomes. Careful design and planning are crucial in the creation of beneficial and therapeutic outdoor spaces and amenities.

At Business Interiors, we offer outdoor product lines that are budget-friendly, safe, durable, and lovely—nurturing mind, body, and spirit—whether for the healthcare environment, corporate, education, hospitality, and more.

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Are “Clean Desk” Policies Too Much? One Journalist and Economist Finds Out

Are “Clean Desk” Policies Too Much? One Journalist and Economist Finds Out

Here’s an interesting look at the psychology of workspaces and corporate policies.

At Business Interiors, we’ll work hand in hand with you to develop that perfect balance of efficiency, productivity, comfort, and style. Let us make your workspaces work for you!



“Why every office should scrap its clean desk policy” 

by Tim Harford

Financial journalist and economist Tim Harford writes about a fascinating experiment to identify the most productive and inspiring office setup.