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Business Interiors offers the ultimate productivity canvas—the Clarus line of amazing glass options.

The open office can be a wild place, filled with distractions. When used as a desk divider, this beautiful glass offers beautiful, useful space division for better organization and quieter communication.

With more than 250,000+ customization combinations, including 150 standard colors, or unlimited custom match colors, you can use it with virtually any office furniture system as an integrated and custom solution, or a simple add-on to existing desks and furniture systems. These half-inch glass panels can mount to any surface and offer an elegant solution for collaboration and a statement piece for any space.   

This is the ultimate writing surface and will never stain or ghost. Your notes and presentations will always look sharp and fresh. Proven by science, and a favorite for healthcare spaces, this product is 3x cleaner than traditional whiteboards.

This precision-crafted glass is five times stronger than normal glass, and will keep looking brand new for a lifetime.

Let’s talk about how to use it in your spaces! (601) 969-1000