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Today’s thinkers, creators, and doers seek meaningful spaces that support their workspaces that are easy-going and purposeful.


World-renowned architect and designer, Patricia Uriquiola, sketches another beautiful addition to the HAWORTH POPPY family of seating, available through your consultant @ Business Interiors.



Designed by Urquiola and @HAWORTH Design Studio, Poppy helps furnish comfortable, flexible spaces that can support a variety of work processes to foster the creative performance crucial for innovation.

Versatile & Accommodating:  Here, there, and everywhere in between–that’s where today’s workers get things done. From meeting rooms and touchdown spaces to private offices, Poppy is always a welcoming presence anywhere people work and interact. Poppy is distinguished by the cozy warmth people desire. With freedom of choice for users in mind, Poppy creates inviting settings with the visual comfort and tactile softness of home.

Expressive & Charming:  With a wide range of upholstery possibilities and base options, Poppy guest and lounge chairs offer an abundance of opportunities to express any personality or culture.

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