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Seeking Non-Traditional Work Settings

Seeking Non-Traditional Work Settings

Did you know that you can nurture your workers by giving them choices about where they work? Our product offerings create spaces that support people’s needs for a variety of work settings—from open, collaborative areas to quiet contemplation spots. Scalability and a vast array of configurations provide flexibility for a wide range of spaces and settings.

Designed to spark creativity and innovation, we offer lounge seating and ottomans that are easily configured to let you create a range of settings that offer people choices for individual work and contemplation, face-to-face discussions, or collaborative sessions.

Good decisions about office furnishings can actually create a culture that fosters collaboration, helping people work efficiently, perform their best, and stay engaged. We work with you to create settings that invite social interaction, casual meetings, and group work.

As society has become more mobile, people often seek out non-traditional work settings for at least part of their day. Our product offerings provide the variety and comfort people want, along with the flexibility organizations need to plan spaces now and into the future.

We can help you with flexible solutions for growth and change for cost-effective, multi-functional spaces, created to optimize the floorplan and encourage productivity for maximum efficiency. Our product offerings make it practical to specify, configure, and reconfigure as an organization grows and evolves. The design elements encompass the simplicity and versatility required to furnish a range of environments and floorplate sizes over the long-term, while the look is neutral enough to complement other furnishings and work in a multitude of settings. The variety of shapes and sizes can be used on their own or in a multitude of combinations to easily furnish an array of short-term spaces, such as open collaborative workspaces, lounge areas, and cafés. With the right amount of simplicity to blend into established environments without competing with other design elements, their versatility makes our product offerings well suited for commercial, education, hospitality, and healthcare settings.

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Time to Confer? Our Conference Room Furniture Options Will Seal the Deal

Time to Confer? Our Conference Room Furniture Options Will Seal the Deal

Business Interiors in the Jackson, MS, metro area understands that big things happen in our customers’ conference room spaces—and that the furniture that fills them is an investment, a necessity, and a statement. We offer solutions that rise to those occasions. Tables, chairs, pieces for hospitality, and the latest technology. The variety of options you’ll get with Business Interiors is vast, and the quality unsurpassed. From the budget-sensitive to the most impressive, we appreciate that your needs are unique.

We at Business Interiors are proud to offer OFS Brands’ lines of conference furnishings—from the most modern and innovative to truly stately and timeless. Among our OFS offerings are the “Launch” and “Meeting Room” Collections.

“Launch” is visually powerful and functionally universal. It offers comprehensive multi-data conferencing that’s easy to specify and a cinch to install. Launch is generously designed for 27″ of space per person with individual electrical and data ports, optimum sightlines, and ample elbow and leg room. Tables utilize a central beam design requiring only two end bases, even for spans up to 22′. Top inlay LED lighting is designed for uninterrupted visual paths.

The “Meeting Room” Collection garners attention with sophisticated, inviting materials and finishes that support productive interaction among professionals. The broad selection of furniture including 16’ foot tables, technology conveniences and storage create stunning, yet extremely functional spaces. Meeting Room’s rich woods and finely crafted details make a confident statement in tradition, stability, and trust.

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Cutting-Edge Fern Chair’s Looks and Technology Let You Sit Well—and Work Well

Cutting-Edge Fern Chair’s Looks and Technology Let You Sit Well—and Work Well

WIRED Magazine says, “The Fern, like most of Haworth’s seating solutions, is a devilishly handsome device…” and we at Business Interiors could not agree more. But beyond mere cutting-edge looks, the Fern Chair accommodates the diverse working population with new levels of all-day comfort, regardless of size, posture, or work mode. Research-driven, Fern’s ergonomic innovations provide total back support and respond to your every movement.

The Fern Chair’s Wave Suspension™ system is the heart of the chair and the key to its back comfort and flexibility. From all appearances, the back looks simple. But inside is a high level of science, engineering, and innovation that enables Fern to work with you, not against you.

With Fern, more comfort means less distraction. As you move or change posture, Fern works with you, not against you, so you can stay focused on the tasks at hand. With no hard outer frame, Fern has a soft and pliable edge that won’t jar you or limit your movement.

Business Interiors in Ridgeland, MS, offers dozens of design and feature options for this fantastic Fern Chair, customizing your order for your needs and aesthethic. Ready to talk about it?  Contact Business Interiors for a consultation.