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Business Interiors is a different kind of business. When owner and president David Houpt created the business in 1995, he had a vision for the kind of company he wanted to run, and it wasn’t a typical one.

Business Interiors Sales Team

Left to right: David Houpt, Karen Simmons, Carley Houpt, Kelly Joyner, Kay Walters & Keeton Houpt

We’re a family-owned and operated business in more ways than one. Even the members of our team who aren’t related are considered family here. When a client walks into our doors, they are greeted by a staff of equals. We don’t have positions on our name tags because our hierarchy isn’t how we’re identified. What’s important here at Business Interiors is one thing: our commitment to providing excellence in service to our fellow colleagues and our customers.

When the priority of everyone on our team is to provide value to our customers first and foremost, day-to-day job descriptions are replaced by a singular drive to identify what will best serve the needs of our clients. That’s where our job descriptions begin and end.

Our singular focus on meeting the needs of our customers can be seen in everything from our commitment to carrying only the brands we trust, to finding a way to make the best furniture in Jackson that’s right for your business work for your budget.

Interior Design + Corporate Furniture

It’s also the reason we go above and beyond when it comes to specialized skills and training for our employees. Business Interiors offers our customers more than the standard point-of-sales customer service that other dealerships offer. We don’t end our relationship with our customers once a sale has been made and a delivery concluded. We have team members with extensive knowledge and skill sets in furniture repair, and years of experience in assisting with office layout, arrangement and design. The Business Interiors team won’t rest until you’re satisfied. Contact us now to get started creating the perfect work or public space for your business.