Collaboration Workwear & Conferencing Furniture

Technology Collaboration Furniture

When your team meets at work you should be able to communicate and move forward as quickly as the ideas flow. Technology should be a helpful tool in that process—not a hindrance. With the line of technology collaboration furniture that we offer at Business Interiors, technological barriers are removed from your work space, allowing communication and information to take center stage.

Enjoy Instant Connectivity

Wired or wireless connectivity is an integrated component of Workware furnishings, the best-in-class technology collaboration furniture that we offer here at Business Interiors. Your team can easily access internet, data or other connections built into Workware pieces through plug-ins or by wirelessly connecting with simple, easy-to-use software.

Group meetings and ad hoc brain storm sessions can happen at any time, with direct access to internet and video monitor connectivity for everyone at the table. The technological advantage of these designs is powerful in function, but subtle in design; their aesthetic appeal is elegant, streamlined and simple, allowing for a focus on the task at hand.

Video Conferencing Furniture

As our work force has grown increasingly reliant on technology to conduct business, we have learned that the fast pace of its advancement can be a detriment when it comes to the longevity of technology-based purchases. However, the Workware line takes this concern off the table entirely, with its ongoing support and software updates to ensure that your investment in smart office furniture is virtually future-proof.

The Presentation Possibilities are Endless

When everyone is connected to a Workware collaborative work table or station, the possibilities for the effective communication of ideas are endless. Each piece of technology collaboration furniture comes with the option to attach video monitor mounts for shared, easy viewing of individuals’ computer displays.

The option to view multiple individuals’ displays at once is also available, with the ability to see up to four users’ displays at one time. Control of the main display can be limited to one presenter, or moved from one individual to the next with the simple touch of a button. Every aspect of the Workware furniture line is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, so that the connectivity of your work space can add to the momentum of your team rather than distract.

Here at Business Interiors, our team has learned first-hand the benefit of incorporating technology collaboration furniture into our work flow. We hope you’ll come by and see for yourself the impact Workware furniture can make in a modern, dynamic office environment.