Raised Access Flooring Solutions

If you’re like most people, you probably you haven’t given the floor of your work space much thought. Because our team here at Business Interiors knows the exponential value that a smart new flooring solution can bring to your business, we’re about to change that for you.

Access flooring is a growing trend that has already taken Europe and Japan by storm, and is now changing the way American architects and designers think about this foundational aspect of building construction. With its ease of installation, flexibility in design, and cost-savings in energy efficiency, this raised floor system is the next step forward in building innovation.

Flexibility and Design Freedom

Business success in today’s market requires speed and adaptability. The TecCrete raised access flooring that we offer here at Business Interiors is able to be installed more quickly and simply—and therefore more cost-efficiently—than standard flooring. Air, power, voice and data are all stored under the floor, which means access to all of these is virtually limitless. Changes in work flow can be made easily and instantly without being tied to electrical outlets or other permanent fixtures such as columns that are traditionally required to distribute access throughout large spaces.

Datacenter & Server Room Floor Tiles

The aesthetic advantage of access flooring is another benefit of this trend that’s taking hold in offices across the country. With a raised floor, the eyesore of electrical, voice and data lines and extensions are completely eliminated. This opens up the work space and results in a more clean, streamlined environment in which inspires greater work flow and productivity.

Cost and Energy Savings

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TecCrete’s access flooring will also help your business save money due to energy-efficiency. Traditional ceiling access HVAC systems work against the natural flow of air that rises as it heats. Underfloor air is one of the single most effective strategies for reducing energy costs, as air follows its natural path upward. This causes fans to use 10-20% less energy, and allows air impurities to quickly make their way upward and outward through the ceiling.

In addition, air is easily targeted where it’s needed most within your building, and these targeted areas can be shifted easily as priorities change. Individuals have more direct control over the temperature of their work spaces through the floor diffusers. Your work force will be more comfortable in their access flooring environment, leading to enhanced performance on the job.

Our team here at Business Interiors can attest to the transformational power of access flooring in a work space because we work on one ourselves. We are the living testament to the flexibility and possibilities of the TecCrete flooring solution. Contact us now to learn more about the ultimate choice in work space flooring, and how Business Interiors can bring it to your business.


TecCrete’s unique concrete and steel composite makes it amazingly quiet and solid underfoot – ideal for work and learning environments.