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“The Hidden Way to Boost Your Office Design”

“Demountable walls are often overlooked, but they can easily change the aesthetic and an office space and add flexibility to the floor plan.” By Kelsi Maree Borland,

Demountable walls could be a hidden solution to office design and floor plan flexibility. This solution is often overlooked, according to Christopher Mojo, the firm’s architectural product specialist at Tangram Interiors, who has used demountable walls in several office design projects; however, this can be an important element in an office space and have multiple uses.

“Walls are an often overlooked, yet vital, element in the overall scheme of interior environments from both a structural and design perspective. However, rather than treating them solely as spatial dividers, they deserve as much care and attention as any other design element of a project,” Mojo tells “One solution to this oversight that offers significant advantages over standard construction is demountable walls… READ MORE FROM GLOBEST.COM‘S ARTICLE HERE >>>

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