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It’s a new year and we are all about creating happy and healthy workspaces. As part of that mission, we are delighted to introduce the BuzziSpace for Haworth Collection!

Built on guiding principle that silence is not a luxury, BuzziSpace creates innovative acoustic solutions, furniture, and lighting products that accommodate the demands of the changing workplace. Acoustics are part of BuzziSpace’s legacy, as a driving force from the very beginning to this day. With a commitment to quality design, BuzziSpace provides not only beautiful and straightforward designs, but products that serve a purpose. It’s a tried-and-true acoustic portfolio that has undergone rigorous testing to deliver maximum performance with minimum visibility.

Since 2007, Belgium-based BuzziSpace has fueled its passion for solving modern design challenges and continuously reimagining furnishings to be more functional and fun.

With a mission to improve well-being through human-centric design, BuzziSpace brings an energy and dynamic spark to Haworth Collection’s curated offering of high design, igniting work and social spaces with surprising solutions based on its rich legacy in acoustics, furniture-making, and upholstery.

Ready to create an innovative and healthy workspace? Business Interiors is pleased to offer many office furnishing solutions for your spaces, whether you are in the Jackson, Mississippi area, or even a couple of hours away. Call us to schedule your consultation (601) 969-1000 and we will develop a solution to fit your budget, needs, and spaces.